Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Night Camp In

Devon has often talked about taking the boys camping, but it hasn't happened yet for a variety of reasons. This was the first week of school for Ian and for me at work, so honestly this week has really been a blur. Devon mentioned a few times this week that he wanted to set up a tent this weekend, but I didn't really catch all of the details. Anyway, he knew what a week this has been for me, so he offered to watch the boys, so I could go have dinner with my parents and my sister. When I left the house, I knew he was going to set up a tent for the boys, but for some reason I imagined a tiny, little tent. :)  When Devon does something, he does it very well, and tonight was no different.

When I came home this evening, I found our furniture moved, and a very large two family tent set up in our living room. "Happy Feet" was on pause, and the boys were in the kitchen making stovetop smores. 

On the way home from work, Devon stopped at the grocery and bought smore essentials!

Ian loved his smore!

After finishing their smores, the boys returned to their tent.

Tent with lots of blankets - all smiles in here!

My sweet boys

Ian and Matthew both love books, but reading by flashlight is even more exciting! 

Wrapping up "Happy Feet"

The boys had a wonderful evening. Not only was Daddy kind enough to watch the boys on a Friday night, but he did it in such a fun way! I have a feeling there will be more movies watched in the future from the comfort of our tent. 

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